I am a front-end web developer & UX architect who lives and works in Boston, MA. I have a passion for creating usable, scalable and accessible applications on the net with semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES6, React). My background is in LAMP development, having spent >5 years as a WordPress developer, but I've since traded in gulp tasks and jQuery for Webpack and Babel.

Work Experience

MERGE Boston – Front-End Architect

  • Architecting and developing internationalized, scalable enterprise web apps using ES6, React, Redux, & Immutable.js.

Connective DX – Senior Front-End Developer

  • Building atomic front-end components for Sitecore-based corporate & marketing sites for national corporations, using ES6, React and PostCSS.
  • Developing and maintaining (as a team) an in-house Webpack developer toolkit, Fuzzy Chainsaw.
  • Working on an agile team with peer-reviews and structured version control & deployment processes.

Racepoint Global & Janeiro Digital – Front-End Developer

Racepoint tech team acquired by Janeiro in February 2015

  • Prototyping and building scalable, API-driven interfaces for organizations with big data such as Amazon, Caterpillar and SevOne with modern front-end technologies including Angular, React & Webpack.
  • Crafting WordPress-based marketing sites micro-sites for brands including IBM and ARM. We took home the 2015 MITX Best B2B Marketing Website award for the work we did with IBM on their Security Intelligence project.

AMP Agency – Full-Stack Developer

  • Building WordPress-based corporate & marketing sites for brands such as McGraw-Hill and Hasbro.
  • Rapidly prototyping and creating one-off PhoneGap & web apps, micro-sites and other campaign experiences.

Levementum – SugarCRM Developer

Contract role

  • Building custom CRM solutions with SugarCRM for corporations such as Otterbox, Fujitsu and TaylorMade.
  • Working on a large, Agile team, utilizing strict Gitflow integration & deployment processes.

New Perspective Web Solutions – LAMP Developer

  • Working as the sole in-house developer and responsible for every facet of the build and maintenance process.
  • Building small websites for local businesses with PHP, using a homebrewed CMS, Joomla or WordPress.